Bluetooth Speaker Comparison Chart 2017
Use this tool to compare Amazon's top 50 Bluetooth speakers of 2017. Click the column header to sort the table by that column. Enter text in the search box to show the speakers that match the brand, color, model, etc. that you enter. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us.
Brand Model Rating (0-5) Playback Time (hours) Aux Input Water Resistant Colors Weight (oz)
Cambridge SoundWorksOontZ Angle 34.512YesYesBlack9buy
AnkerSoundCore4.624YesNoBlack, Blue, Red12.6buy
AmazonTap4.29YesNoBlack, White, Blue, Green, Magenta, Tangerine16.6buy
Cambridge SoundWorksOontZ Angle 3 PLUS4.630YesYesBlack13buy
AmazonAmazonBasics4.38YesNoBlack, Blue, Red8buy
BoseSoundLink Mini II4.610NoNoCarbon23.5buy
LogitechUE BOOM 24.515YesYesPhantom, BrainFreeze, Cherrybomb, Green Machine, Meteor, Tropical, Yeti19.2buy
VicTsingShower Speaker4.36NoYesGreen, Gray, Blue, Orange7.4buy
BoseSoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II4.58NoYesAquatic Blue, Coral Red, Polar White, Soft Black19.2buy
JBLCharge 34.620NoYesBlack, Blue, Gray, Red, Turquoise28.2buy
AnkerPremium Stereo Speaker4.48YesNoBlack, White22.4buy
EtekcityRoverBeats T34.48YesNoBlack6buy
SoundBotSB510 Shower Speaker46NoYesCamouflage, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow, Houndstooth Black and White, Leopard, Zebra1.6buy
DKnightMagicBox II4.310YesNoBlack, Blue, Red11.5buy
JBLFlip 34.410NoYesBlack, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Gray, Turquoise16buy
LectroFanMicro4.56NoNoBlack, White4.8buy
JBLXtreme4.415YesYesBlack, Blue, Red16buy
BoseSoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III4.614NoNoGray48.5buy
LogitechUE ROLL 24.59YesYesVolcano, Atmosphere, Reef, Sugarplum11.6buy
ifoxcreationsiF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker4.410NoYesBlack1.9buy
AYLSoundFit4.412NoYesForest Green, Orange, Blue9.4buy
SoundBotSB5714.310YesNoBlack, Red, Blue, Silver18.4buy
SylvaniaSP3283.910YesNoBlack, Silver, Purple, Red72.8buy
EasyAccMini4.55YesNoBlack, Red, Blue12buy
MUSIC ANGELMUSIC ANGEL Bluetooth 4.0 speaker4.412YesNoBlack, Silver14.9buy
UnitekAluminum Wireless4.13NoNoGold, Gray, Silver, Rose Gold3.5buy
JBLPulse 24.410NoYesBlack, Silver16buy
AYLPortable Mini Capsule4.210NoNoBlack7buy
JBLFlip 24.35YesNoBlack, Blue, Red, White, Yellow25.6buy
Bang & OlufsenBeoplay S34.4YesNoBlack, White1.6buy
aelecSoundTorch Next Generation4.612YesYesBlack, Rose Red5.6buy
JBLClip 24.68YesYesBlack, Blue, Gray, Red, Teal6.5buy
BeatsPill+4.612NoNoBlack, White25.6buy
AnkerSoundCore Sport XL4.615NoYesBlack20.8buy
WamGraNight Light Bluetooth Speakers4.4YesNoWhite20.8buy
AnkerClassic4.520YesNoBlack, Blue, White11.8buy
AnkerUltra Portable4.712YesNoBlack3.2buy
Cambridge SoundWorksOontZ Angle 3XL4.48YesYesBlack38.4buy
JBLCharge 2+4.612NoYesBlue, Gray, Pink, Red, Yellow, Teal, Orange33.6buy
LogitechUE MEGABOOM3.520YesYesBlack, Blue, Red30.9buy
JAMJAM Plus4.24YesNoGray, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Dark Blue8buy
TaoTronicsPulse X4.68YesNoBlack19buy
JBLGO4.55YesNoBlack, Blue, Pink, Gray, Orange, Red, Teal, Yellow4.6buy

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